Immediately following the public disclosure of the POODLE vulnerability(CVE-2014-3566), CDNetworks disabled CBC ciphers for use with SSLv3 connections to protect our customers and their users. All traffic delivered via CDNetworks has been fully protected from POODLE since then.

As part of our continual process of security enhancements, we will begin fully disabling support for SSLv3 on Wednesday 29 October. We expect to have this fully deployed by mid-November.

Only a vanishingly small percentage (< 0.5%) of users cannot use the more modern TLS protocol. In line with security best practices, continual security enhancements, and the requests of our customers, we’ve decided to disable this legacy protocol across the board.

Please be aware of this upcoming change and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. As always, we’re available 24*7 atsupport@cdnetworks.com or by phone, as listed on www.cdnetworks.com/support.

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