If your business revolves around a website or web application, we know you’re thinking about performance on a daily basis. But you may not know just how impactful that performance can be on your bottom line. Did you know more than 30 percent of web visitors typically leave a site if that site doesn’t load in the first 3 seconds? That’s 30 percent of your potential customers looking for other options just because your website isn’t moving fast enough.

Rackspace CDN, powered by Akamai and available now in early access (sign up here), will put the world’s largest and most powerful CDN network to work for your site, and ultimately, your bottom line. Rackspace CDN, or content delivery network, takes the content for your website or web application and caches it on servers that are distributed around the globe. This means that users requesting content from your site are getting information from servers that are close to them, reducing the distance the data has to travel and decreasing load times.

Giving customers an on demand, utility priced, full site CDN experience, Rackspace CDN combines the fanatical support experience you love with the industry’s most advanced network from Akamai. Unlike Rackspace’s current Cloud Files CDN solution, the newly expanded Rackspace CDN allows customers to implement origin pull and whole-site delivery. In simple terms, this means customers can enable CDN for their entire website by simply telling Rackspace which domain they would like to accelerate and which origin (like a cloud or dedicated server) the website’s content is hosted on. There’s no more embedding links for specific files, although this feature will still be supported through Cloud Files.

Rackspace CDN gives customers:

  1. Industry Leading Network: Powered by Akamai Technologies, Rackspace CDN uses over 200 edge locations across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. This map, customized to fit the needs of Rackspace customers, puts content close to your end users, no matter where they are.
  2. HTTPS with Your Domain: HTTPS is becoming the norm for modern websites and applications. With options for every budget, Rackspace CDN offers users the ability to serve traffic via their own domain name over HTTPS using SAN or dedicated certificates.
  3. No Commitments: In the past, best in class CDN networks have been reserved for companies that are willing to sign long term contracts with monthly minimums. Rackspace CDN gives you the perfect combination of the features you need, the Akamai network you trust, and the Rackspace Fanatical experience you’ve come to rely on, all at a pay-as-you-go, per GB price.

Sign Up for The Rackspace CDN early access program today!

Early access means you can try this product before the rest of the customer base, give our teams feedback, and help shape the way we bring the product to market. If you want to participate, simply, fill out this application.  As always, feel free to ask questions here, or email me directly at

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