According to a recent press release highlighting findings from yStats’ “Global Clothing B2C E-Commerce Market 2015” report, clothing is in a close rivalry with consumer electronics for the top ranking ecommerce category by share of online shopper purchases.

The report shows that clothing has been the most purchased physical product in a number of highly-populated countries across regions in recent years, including the UK, Russia, China, India, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Mexico. Clothing was also the leading category in global cross-border B2C ecommerce in 2014, representing more than one-third of all cross-border online purchases.

As retail ecommerce has grown, both online and store-based retailers have recognized the need to have both mobile and omnichannel strategies in place, as many consumers research products like clothing and footwear online before buying on the web or offline. This process is very common in the United States, as the probability that a shopper would buy clothes in store after researching their purchase online was almost as high as the probability that they would buy offline.

A Business Insider article recently spoke to this phenomenon, noting, “Offline retailers have realized they have a lot to offer, as long as they can integrate offline and digital, and beat e-commerce competitors on convenience. They’re using tactics like knowledgeable sales staff, in-store pick-up of online orders, in-store Wi-Fi, and smartphone discounts that nudge showroomers to buy in-store.”

The yStats report shows that “click-and-collect” has become a popular option in shopping for apparel and is widely used by store-based retailers. Meanwhile, in South Korea, close to one in three online buyers of clothing have used their smartphone to conduct their last purchase.

Regardless of the tactics being used to sell to a global population of online consumers, website performance must remain a priority. Technologies like content delivery networks (CDNs) can help clothing retailers stay online and deliver high quality website experiences to users around the world.

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