Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware vCloud is a single-tenant hosted private cloud powered by VMware technology. It includes single-tenant compute and storage, and dedicated network.

Starting today, Rackspace shared SAN is now available as a storage option, along with the currently available dedicated storage choices, for Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware vCloud.

Shared SAN is a great pay-as-you-go storage option for workloads that have fluctuating capacity needs and do not require the guaranteed high performance of single-tenant dedicated storage.

Rackspace shared SAN is multi-tenant block access storage powered by EMC VMAX. It is a highly flexible and scalable enterprise grade storage offering. It offers highly available and reliable storage on pay-as-you-go basis allowing you to start small and scale-up as you need. This storage offering is monitored and maintained around the clock by EMC-certified engineers.

Shared SAN brings a number of benefits to Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware vCloud:

Workload optimized infrastructure: Now, Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware vCloud customers have the choice of all dedicated storage, all shared storage, or a combination of both to meet the different storage needs of different applications. The different shared SAN performance tiers offers further opportunity to optimize the infrastructure for workloads.

Higher flexibility: Shared SAN offers highly flexible capacity. Shared SAN is globally available in three different performance options: gold, silver, and bronze. The gold tier of shared SAN has a 100GB minimum initial deployment requirement, while the bronze and silver tiers require 250GB. All tiers can be upgraded in 50GB increments. This makes shared SAN a great option for customers who do not require 4TB of storage, which is the minimum requirement for dedicated storage, in their initial configuration.

Faster time to value: Shared SAN storage capacity can be provisioned more quickly than the highly customized dedicated storage. This allows our customers to rapidly respond to the constantly changing workload demands using shared SAN, and optimize the long-term workload placement using the optimized combination of shared and dedicated storage.

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