Our new point of presence (PoP) in Tel Aviv, Israel, offers tremendous value to all the industries we serve. Now users in Israel and beyond will experience faster load times while consuming content from our customers with the Israel edge enabled.

This means more eyes on content, more engagement, and more business opportunities.

To understand the immediate impact our new edge can have on users in areas of the Middle East, take a look at the catchpoint graph below. With the Israel edge turned on, webpage response times drop by about 900%, shedding nearly 2 full seconds off page load time.

In the web-driven world, this amount of time is the difference between a new subscriber and a missed opportunity. It’s the difference between profit and loss.


How to Enable Israel Edge

This edge is available as an add-on called “More Locations” that can be enabled in your control panel. This add-on includes edge locations in Singapore, Australia, Japan and China. So you don’t just get access to the Israel edge, but access to edges in two additional continents.

If you already have the add-on enabled, you’ll be grandfathered into the Israel location. In fact, our engineering team is already in the process of moving customers. If you don’t already have the add-on, consider what faster load times across the globe could mean for your business. Then come talk to us.

If you’re an enterprise customer, contact your rep about enabling Israel. Also stay tuned for more edge announcements like our one pending in South America!

Now is the time for a faster web, a more global CDN.

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