The opening of the new MaxCDN office in Belgrade is very personal to me.

For over three years, I’ve been working alongside most of the current members in our new European office. We started with support and it only took my initial team two weeks to gain traction. After that short learning period, our productivity skyrocketed.

Because we are in the fast-moving CDN industry, 24/7 technical support is a must. Therefore, we made delivering exceptional, round-the-clock support our primary mission after planting the “MaxCDN seed” in Serbia. And I can proudly say we reached that mission in 6 months time. We did this by hiring more awesome staff. We also delivered a level of support that matched the speed and value of our CDN.

Picture of the Belgrade office.

As our team grew larger and stronger, Belgrade drew the gaze of other MaxCDN departments. If support was thriving, what other departments could thrive here? In what ways could we use Belgrade’s people and location to our customers’ advantage? Well, today we have employees in Support, Sales, and NOC representing MaxCDN in Belgrade and all of Europe.

How We Developed Rapport

Delivering exceptional support was only one way we gained the trust of headquarters, our customers, and the community.

While offering support, we also formed local partnerships and sponsored local web communities. And now with WPSerbia, a local WordPress meet-up group, we will be even more involved in Belgrade and the rest of Europe.

Prime European Location and Office Space

The new MaxCDN office is strategically located close to other tech companies like Microsoft and Oracle. Specifically, it’s located in the YU business center, a building that passed all of our checkpoints for MaxCDN’s first European office location.

What’s great about our office is that it’s large enough for our current team and future growth. It’s also designed in a way that makes creating an environment similar to our headquarters in LA quite easy.

Picture of the Belgrade team

A Productive Visit to the New Office

This was my second time visiting the current team in Belgrade, and this time David Archibald, our VP of Operations, joined me on this trip.

We got to work closely with the team in different shifts and know the individual members in a more personal way. We also worked with new members in training and shared our vision for the future of our company.

During our trip, we also worked with Ivan Dabic, our Serbian Office GM.

With Ivan, it was easy to go from bouncing Ideas to implementing them that very day. These changes were made to make the office more convenient for the daily commute of team members working in different shifts. They also provided team members with the tools they need to perform their day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

Always Looking for New Talent

Because we are growing, we’re always looking for team-driven people who understand the CDN industry.

If you or anyone in Belgrade are interested, send a message to careers[at]maxcdn[dot]com.

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