Version 6.6 of Oracle Linux is now available in AWS Marketplace, with both hourly and annual pricing:

The 64-bit Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel was designed to provide scalability, reliability, and performance improvements for demanding enterprise applications, including Enterprise Oracle workloads.

This is a fully supported way to run Oracle Linux on AWS. Patches and updates are available from Oracle; 24×7 premium support is available through Orbitera.

The AMI (HVM) makes use of EBS volumes for storage and is recommended for use on the c3.large instance type (it can also be run on many other instance types).

To learn more, read the Oracle Linux Product Page and the Oracle Linux FAQ, then Launch Oracle Linux in the AWS Marketplace!

Oracle Linux is available today in the US East (Northern Virginia)US West (Oregon)US West (Northern California)Europe (Ireland)Asia Pacific (Singapore)Asia Pacific (Sydney)Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and South America (Brazil) regions. Software usage fees start at $0.06 / hour.

— Jeff;

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