We already know how users interact with the content we deliver on behalf of our customers. Where are users accessing content from? What is the time to first byte? Answering these user-related questions is relatively easy with the data we’ve always collected.

But what about our customers? How do they interact with our CDN? How do they experience it on their end?

Well, we’ve collected this information to a certain extent before, but MaxReply makes it more honest and relevant.

MaxReply, the latest addition to MaxResponse™ lets us receive — and gauge — customer feedback in a clearer way. It’s also a key ingredient to our business model. It gives us what we need to make our support and CDN more valuable to our customers.

Now our customers are key stakeholders in determining how we improve moving forward — more so than ever before.


What MaxReply Is and Why It’s Important

After our customers open a support ticket or live chat session, they quickly receive an answer from us. This CDN support feature has always existed. But now with MaxReply, after our customers receive an answer to their question they’re asked to leave a written reply and numerical rating.

Would they recommend our CDN support to someone else? How they reply to this question tells us where we need to makes changes and where we’re excelling. Plus it’s only a few-second process for them!

Essentially we want our customers to be excited about the support they receive and their overall CDN experience. We want them to not think twice about going around and telling their colleagues about it. Because if they aren’t doing this, changes need made. And fast.

MaxReply tells us what changes these are.


Net Promoter Score

The numerical 1-10 rating helps us determine something called Net Promoter Score. Also referred to as NPS, this score is regarded as the standard for determining customer support quality.

On any given month, our transactional NPS ranges anywhere from 80-90+.

To get an idea of what’s considered a good NPS, consider some of the top NPS scores by industry in 2013. The leading NPS for the Internet Service industry was 29 (Brighthouse Networks) and 53 for the online search and information industry (Google).

Before creating MaxReply — a customer feedback platform we created ourselves — we used a third-party platform called Nicereply. This product worked great, but was somewhat limiting for our needs. As a company moving closer to customer-driven changes, we knew we needed an in-house solution.

Now we can track NPS and written feedback and do more with it. We can display it in custom feeds and dashboards to make it more revealing and urgent.


Written Feedback

In addition to the 1-10 ratings that determine NPS, MaxReply also encourages customers to leave written feedback.

With this option available, we receive feedback that’s more specific than NPS. This option is important to have when customers rate us at both low and high levels.

If the former, we know what exactly we need to improve. The support ticket shows us what the main problem is, but the written feedback can tell us about a “problem within the problem.” In other words, it allows for greater specificity, which means more relevant changes for our support and CDN.


Breakdown of the MaxReply Dashboard

  • Customer Replies and Support Ratings: As previously mentioned, after every support interaction, customers can rate their CDN support experience on a level from 1-10. They can also leave a comment. This information is displayed to our support team in a clear and immediate way.
  • Direct Customer-Agent Interaction: Now our support team is able to communicate through MaxReply, making it so much more than a customer feedback tool. It’s a customer feedback and support tool, all rolled into one. All made by yours truly.
  • Rating Percentage & Geo-Targeting: To see where the need for support is needed most, we make a world map of our data. This visual also acts as a heatmap to show how often our customers are using support and how well it’s being rated in different locations.

In conclusion, MaxReply allows us to digitally handshake our customers. This digital yet personal connection tells us how our customers feel about us rather than how we feel about ourselves. It also means making customer-driven changes – not irrelevant ones.

Really, it all just makes sense. Because at the end of the day, our customers know better than we do.

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