On September 12th, at jQuery’s annual conference MaxCDN held a hackathon using code.jquery.com CDN traffic from our new Analytics API.  We’re pleased to announce the following winners:

1st – Ryan G. with MapHack

2nd – Kamron K. @KamronKennedy

3rd – Jacob R. @jroufa Github

And here are some screenshots of the winning entry, which makes nice use of MapBox. On the last picture you can see how Ryan made use of the information about our PoPs to display which PoP handled a particular request.

Second place goes to Kamron, he broke down the real time data (refreshing every few seconds) to show stats of which device, countries, version, etc were being requested and also displayed some of the raw data.

And here is the 3rd place, what Jacob did was to read the 20 million records from the 30 minute dump, insert the records into a db, convert to GeoJSON and display bubbles on the map sized relative to the number of hits in that lat/long.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Also we would like to say a big thank you to our friends from DigitalOcean and Mediatemple for taking part in MaxCDN’s hackathon and sponsoring amazing gifts for the winners.


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