Olark live chat

On our website we use Olark live chat. It is a great software and we would definitely recommend it to a friend.

We really like to monitor our services and one of the interesting tasks was how to monitor that our live chat is on-line. We provide 24/7 email, phone and live chat support so being on-line is essential for us.

NodePing monitoring

Another great software which we use is NodePing monitoring. We would also recommend it to a friend.

NodePing provides four HTTP checks (HTTP, HTTP Advanced, HTTP Content and HTTP Parse). Unfortunately none of them interprets JavaScript. As Olark is JavaScript based it is not possible to use those HTTP checks to monitor (for example) that there is a text “We are online!” on our live chat window. So how can we monitor that our live chat is on-line?

The Solution

Please note that the solution is a workaround / hack because the following monitoring method is not officially supported by Olark.


Fortunately Olark provides a cool URL:[YOUR-SITE-ID]/image.png

This URL redirects to

if the corresponding live chat is on-line and to

if the corresponding live chat is off-line.

Note that you can find [YOUR-SITE-ID] in the Olark Dashboard.


Fortunately NodePing’s advanced HTTP check can check response headers of the URL you monitor.

Checking Olark with NodePing

Create an advanced HTTP check which will monitor the URL[YOUR-SITE-ID]/image.png

and its response headers. A successful response should return 307 response code and should contain the following HTTP header:


Nodeping Settings

That’s all you need to do to monitor Olark live chat with NodePing monitoring.

Sincerely your CDNsun team.

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