We are happy to announce that our newest product, Origin Shield, is now live and available to all customers. This mid-tier caching layer of our CDN is designed to protect your origin from abuse and accelerate the delivery of content from your origin to the edge.

This new feature option (available in your control panel) reduces the amount of requests sent to your origin. For instance, if you have large assets and require a cache purge, Origin Shield funnels large request spikes. Requests don’t come from an abundance of edge server nodes. Instead, the requests from those nodes are filtered through select Origin Shield servers that surround and protect your origin.

With Origin Shield, you can better secure your origin by locking it down to prevent any non-Origin Shield request.

Bye Server Stress. Hello Origin Shield.

Origin Shield allows you to offload your traffic to MaxCDN in an even smarter way than before. Now you can deliver an online experience that’s consistently faster for your users and safer for you.

Origin Shield can be enabled on a Pull Zone and act as proxy or “shield” between all of our edges and your origin server. It’s a safety net for any big website that ensures the stability of your server and minimizes the need for additional investments in bandwidth and hardware.

How Origin Shield Works

We use a high-availability load balancer in our datacenters. They balance the traffic across our servers and, at the same time, ensure that a problematic shield server won’t be used to serve content to an edge server.

We also use multiple servers within the Origin Shield to handle any burst in traffic. When the edge servers need content quickly, Origin Shield handles it.

Components of Origin Shield include:

  • Connection Collapsing – Also known as “collapsed forwarding,” this merges multiple requests for the same URI into one request to your origin server.
  • Automatic Failover – Each of our Origin Shield servers is equipped with load balancers that provide equal hardware load and failover ability.
  • Backup Shields – Edge servers are configured to use one Origin Shield location as the primary but still have the others as a backup in the event of connectivity issues.
  • Keep-Alive – Eliminates overhead from TCP connection build-up and tear-down.

Picture illustrating how origin shield works.

You can request Origin Shield today in your Pull Zone settings!

Request origin shield in pull zone settings.

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