This is the last leg of your Broadcaster of Tomorrow journey. All you
need to do is select a partner who can arm you with the tools to grow your

Four steps later, and you’re starting to catch glimpses of your
potential in becoming the Broadcaster of Tomorrow. The first four steps: extend
your workflow, integrate existing systems, prepare for scale and plan for
revenue, have been about laying the groundwork and getting systems in place to
launch a successful online broadcast. But just because you build it, doesn’t
mean the viewers will come.

Much like traditional TV, you will need to promote your content to grow
your audience. Some promotional tools from cable and satellite will work for
online content: print ads, on-air promos, interviews with the show’s stars,

The online world also affords new tactics to build awareness, through
marketing channels like social media, online “word of mouth” and clip
syndication. And nothing sells your content like your content!

In the very near future, Verizon MANAGE will make it easy for you to do
just that: Create clips from the best parts of your video content and share
them to Twitter, Facebook or other online destinations. Live content, on-demand
content, it doesn’t matter. In a matter of minutes, the whole world will be
able to view, share and talk about the amazing moments that you create. Stay
tuned for more details coming soon.

And once your service is launched and your audience is growing, measuring
your content’s performance is necessary to determine what is and isn’t working.
Which geographical locations watch the most content? What time of day is the
most popular for sports versus news? Do more ads get watched on mobile phones
or game consoles? Do long clips get more views than short clips?

With these kinds of insights in hand, you can adjust your strategy, choose
what to prioritize (or de-prioritize) and understand what your viewers want to
watch. Verizon ANALYZE helps the Broadcaster of Tomorrow get an in-depth view
of your content performance.

So, how about it? Are you ready to take over the broadcasting world of
tomorrow? Verizon Digital Media Services will be right there beside you every
step of the way!

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