During the holiday season we’ve been busy as elves.

But just like elves make time for cocoa and reindeer races, we make time for holiday parties and fun activities. We also never forget to recognize our own who help shape the company and culture we love.

In this post, we’ll showcase some fun events that personalize the MaxCDN orange.

MaxCDN Holiday Party

On the eve of Friday, December 5th, our LA team threw down at The Federal in North Hollywood.

At around 7:30 p.m., team members, significant others, friends, and advisors all met up on the second floor of this great bar. We indulged in good drinks, good food, each other’s company, and a very addictive photo booth.

The holiday party also gave us time to reflect. Led by an annual recap video and the night’s speakers, we were inspired by the growth of our team and product. Over the past year, our team has grown substantially, added dev enhancements like raw logs, and added new features like Origin Shield.

The main takeaway: We’re getting bigger and better while coming closer together.

Employee of the Year

Toward the end of the night we announced and celebrated our employee of the year. Sean Walsh from our sales department received this prestigious title for 2014.

Picture of the MaxCDN team and employee of the year 2014.

Sean was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and came to Los Angeles on a whim seeking adventure and friendships. Little did he know he would find a little company — or at least little at the time — named MaxCDN.

Since joining MaxCDN in 2011, Sean has become more valuable each year to our sales efforts and overall success. His energy and genuine character also inspire us to do things with more vigor and spirit.

So again, here’s to you Sean, our 2014 Employee of the Year.

Sumo Wrestling

In November we hit a large milestone and decided to celebrate in an unconventional way. As a result, our 1st Annual Sumo Showdown was held on Friday, November 21.

During this tournament, sixteen of us went head-to-head in a bracketing system that resulted in a showdown between the Ghanie Brothers. Ameer Ghanie went against his brother Kareem Ghanie to battle it out for the champion title.

After a valiant effort by Kareem, Ameer took him down in the second round. (To view the sumo bracket, click here.)

Rock Climbing

During our marketing team’s kickoff for the new year, they took a midday break from planning and strategy with some indoor rock climbing. They also did team-building exercises like The Human Knot (bottom left) and Lava River (bottom middle). After each exercise, they grouped together to develop key takeaways applicable in the office and beyond.

It’s activities like these that disrupt the daily grind, bring us closer together, and help us brainstorm ways to reach the heart of our market.

Kart Racing

On December 13, six team members from Sales, Marketing, and Engineering put their dedication to speed on display at the 2014 “Machismo” race.

This 12-hour endurance kart race featured our guys as well 31 other teams across three different classes of racing karts. The race started at 9:30 a.m. and ended at 9:30 p.m. at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.

Enjoying the Holidays While Continuing to Serve You

During the busy holiday season, our obsession with speed hasn’t wavered. While doing all these fun things, we’ve never not lost sight of our main mission: serving you. After all, you are why MaxCDN live on. You are why we get to do what we love, day in and day out.

So we’re going to keep on serving you, better than ever before. With timely support, fast delivery, and added features to our CDN.

And none of our service will stop — not even during the actual holiday. Have a question? Give us a call. Want to sign up and treat your biz with a next-gen CDN? We’re here to help. Any time you wish.

Consider this dependability our little gift to you. One you can keep enjoying well after the holidays.

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