On May 27th, CDNetworks celebrated 15 years of accelerating websites!

CDNetworks was founded as a content delivery network (CDN) in 2000 when eBusiness on the Internet was just emerging as a critical part of the economy. The founders saw a need to speed up websites and improve the end user experience. CDNetworks extended its operations to Japan in 2005, then entered China and expanded to the United States in 2006 and Singapore in 2014, becoming a multi-national organization. With its complete set of technologies and services, including the web and application performance plus cloud security, CDNetworks continues to serve global customers.

Below are some of the milestones we want to recognize from the past 15 years:

2000 – Founded CDNetworks Co., Ltd. in South Korea.

2002 – Launched streaming service and first 1 Mbps high resolution service in South Korea.

2005 – Established CDNetworks in Japan; launched Flash streaming service.

2006 – Established CDNetworks in Shanghai, China; established CDNetworks in San Jose, Calif. USA; provided live internet broadcast service for the 2006 World Cyber Games.

2007 – Launched SSL service.

2008 – Provided live internet broadcast service for Olympic Games and Cyber Games.

2009 – Acquired Panther Express CDN.

2010 – Announced Dynamic Web Acceleration services for speeding the delivery of non-cacheable dynamic content.

2011 – Announced Dynamic Network Acceleration, super fast and secure remote-user access to enterprise applications; achieved first year of PCI Certification; Japanese Telco KDDI invests in CDNetworks.

2012 – Tripled US/EMEA new logo bookings year over year; announced Russia Acceleration service with 13 Points of Presence in Russia; increased global map to 140 Points of Presence in 80 cities; achieved second year of PCI Certification.

2013 – Announced global availability of Cloud Security DDoS mitigation service; Increased DNS (Domain Name Service) map to 48 servers in 19 countries achieves third year of PCI Certification.

2014 – Opened subsidiary in Singapore; achieved fourth year of PCI Certification.

2015 – Increased global map to 161 Points of Presences in 99 cities; more to come…

We are excited for what’s to come in 2015 and beyond. Stay tuned!

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