Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week:


September 14

  • I discussed Moving Past Windows Server 2003 End of Life using AWS.
  • The AWS Partner Network Blog announced Windows Server on AWS Bootcamps in Seattle and Bangalore.
  • The AWS Security Blog showed you How to Create a Policy that Whitelists Access to Sensitive Amazon S3 Buckets.
  • The Cloudonaut Blog discussed Building Blocks for Highly Available Systems.
  • Ignacio Campo talked about Running R Statistics in AWS Lambda.

September 15

  • The AWS Application Management Blog talked about Using AWS OpsWorks to Customize and Automate App Deployment on Windows.
  • The AWS Windows and .NET Developer Blog announced DynamoDB DataModel Enum Support.
  • CloudCheckr published a White Paper: Utilizing CloudCheckr for Security.
  • The AWS Startup Collection talked about Postman: Building an API Collaboration Platform for Two Million Developers.
  • The Cloud Academy Blog talked about SystemTap: Dynamic EC2 Instance Dynamics.
  • The Cloudability Blog published a re:Invent 2015 Survival Guide.
  • The CloudSploit Blog shared How We Use AWS Lambda for Rapidly Intensifying Workloads.

September  16

  • We announced a New Spot Fleet Optimization to Distribute Your Fleet Across Multiple Pools.
  • We announced an Elastic Load Balancing Update with More Ports & Additional Fields in Access Logs.
  • We announced some Route 53 Improvements – Calculated Health Checks and Latency Checks.
  • We announced an AWS Storage Update – A New Lower Cost Storage Option and a Glacier Price Reduction.
  • We announced that Each AWS Storage Gateway Now Supports 1 Petabyte of Data, 120 MB/second Cloud Upload, and 10 Gb Networking.
  • We announced that the Docker Trusted Registry is now in the AWS Marketplace.
  • I published a Tour of Alert Logic Cloud Insight.
  • The Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog discussed the Amazon Mobile Ads API and iOS 9 App Transport Security and announced the Marmalade for Amazon SDK.
  • The AWS Mobile Development Blog showed you how to Test User Flows Through Your Android App with AWS Device Farm’s Built-in App Explorer.
  • The AWS Security Blog listed All Security and Compliance Track Breakout Sessions for re:Invent 2015.
  • The Cloud Technology Partners Blog talked about Getting to Zero Downtime: How Containers Drive Continuous Operations.

September 17

  • The AWS Big Data Blog talked about Scaling Writes on Amazon DynamoDB Tables with Global Secondary Indexes.
  • The CloudCheckr Blog talked about Taking Steps to Secure Your AWS Environment.
  • We updated the AWS SDK for JavaScript, AWS SDK for Java, AWS Mobile SDK for iOS, AWS SDK for Go, AWS SDK for Ruby, AWS CLI, and the AWS SDK for Unity.
  • Hack.FoolAround.Repeat talked about Playing with Amazon RDS, and Replicating DB Instances.
  • The Twilio Blog showed you how to Build Your Own IVR with AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Twilio.
  • The We Kanban Blog discussed the Elastic Beanstalk EB CLI.
  • The Cloudyn Blog talked about Exploring Your Virtual Instance: Lifecycle, Utilization, and Governance.

September 18

  • The CloudHealth Technologies Blog talked about Unused Infrastructure: The Gym Memberships of the Cloud.
  • The AWS Startup Collection published part 1 of a series on Architecting Your Healthcare Application for HIPAA Compliance.
  • AWS Community Hero Lynn Langit released an Amazon Web Services Data Services Video Course.

New & Notable Open Source

  • portableR is a version of R that can be used with AWS Lambda.
  • ncdu-s3 lets you run ncdu on S3 buckets.
  • ionroller is an immutable deployment framework for web services running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  • redshift_console is an operations console for Amazon Redshift.
  • sneaker is a tool for securely sharing secrets on S3 using KMS.
  • node-aws-examples shows how to use the AWS SDK to perform some management tasks.
  • docker-aws puts the AWS CLI into a Docker container.
  • easel-vectorizer is an Easel app for vectorizing images using Lambda.
  • px-kinesis-client is a Kinesis client with failover and retry.
  • Aws-Lego is a set of templates designed to unify common AWS deployment topologies.

New Customer Success Stories

  • The Democratic National Committee (DNC) – Gather, store, and deliver voter data to other political organizations.
  • Domain Group – Provide real estate information to Australians via online and print platforms.
  • Infraware -Deliver software to mobile users; run customer analytics platform.
  • Ividata – Big data for retailers.
  • Nexon – Build and distribute games to an international audience.
  • SM Entertainment – Host websites, deliver mobile apps, run internal ERP and Groupware systems.

New SlideShare Content

  • Amazon Route 53.
  • Navigating AWS re:Invent.
  • Amazon Elastic File System – Introduction & Demo.
  • AWS Mobile Services & SDK – Introduction & Demo.
  • Deploy, Manage, and Scale Your Apps with AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  • AWS Educate.
  • Riot Games: Large Scale Backed Service Development Using Node.js, Docker, and AWS.

New YouTube Videos

  • AWS Partner Success – Doug Schneider, 2nd Watch.
  • AWS Partner Success – Jeff Aden, 2nd Watch.
  • AWS Partner Success – MicroStrategy.
  • Introduction to Amazon Redshift.
  • Introduction to Amazon Key Management Service.
  • Auto Scaling Lifecycle Policies for Security Practitioners.
  • Introduction to Amazon RDS for Aurora.
  • Introduction to Amazon S3.
  • AWS Educate Students: Global Initiative for Educational Institutions, Educators & Students.

Upcoming Events

  • September 22 – Webinar – Scientific Computing in the Cloud: Speeding Access for Drug Discovery – with APN Partner Avere Systems and customer H3 Biomedicine.
  • September 23 – Webinar – Managing Docker Containers with Amazon EC2 Container Service – with APN Partner Trek10 and customer RedPost.
  • September 24 – Meetup (Warszawa, Poland) – AWS User Group Poland.
  • September 24 – Webinar – Ten Tips for Securing Your Enterprise AWS Environment with APN Partner CloudCheckr.
  • September 24 – Webinar – Accelerate the Development of Your Business Application on the Cloud – with APN Partner Acumatica and customer FuseForward.
  • September 29 – Webinar – Accelerate Onboarding to AWS with Data-Driven IT Discovery Automation – with APN Partner ATADATA.
  • September 30 – Webinar – How Accolade Harnessed Big Data to Recommend Personalized Services to Their Customers – with APN Partner Talend and customer Accolade.
  • October 1 – Webinar – Achieving Continuous Delivery with AWS Lambda and Codeship – with APN Partner Codeship and customer Pipedrive.
  • October 1 – Meetup (South Bend, Indiana) – Michiana AWS Meetup.
  • October 21 – Webinar – Securing Gene Sequencing Data on AWS for HIPAA Compliance – with APN Partner Alert Logic and customer GenomeNext.
  • AWS re:Invent – Sold out, register for the live stream!

Upcoming Events at the AWS Loft (San Francisco)

  • September 22 – Accelerating to the Hybrid Cloud and Reaping the Rewards (6 PM – 9 PM).
  • September 23 – Amazon Launchpad: Paving the Way for Startups to Launch on Amazon (11:30 AM – 2:30 PM).
  • September 24  – DevOps Loft Talks (6 PM – 7:30 PM).
  • September 25 – TechNode San Francisco Demo Day (10 AM – 5 PM).
  • September 28 – AWS Bootcamp: Taking Operations to the Next Level (10 AM – 6 PM).
  • September 29 – Funding Options for Growing Technology Companies (6 PM – 7:30 PM).
  • September 30 – Onshape Users (6 PM – 8:30 PM).
  • October 1 – Market Differentiators and Elements of API Management plus The Developer Experience – Accelerating Growth (6 PM – 9 PM).
  • October 7 – re:Invent at the Loft – Keynote Live Stream (9 AM – 10:30 AM).
  • October 8 – re:Invent at the Loft -Keynote Live Stream (9 AM – 10:30 AM).
  • October 8 – Loft Startup Showcase (11:30 AM – 1:30 PM).
  • October 8 – re:Invent at the Loft – re:Play Happy Hour (6 PM – 7:30 PM).
  • October 13 – Behind the Scenes with ironSource: The Road to Production with Node.js and JavaScript.
  • October 19 – AWS Bootcamp: Getting Started with AWS (10 AM – 6 PM).
  • October 20 – AWS Bootcamp: Getting Started with AWS (10 AM – 6 PM).
  • October 21 – Intro to Using AWS and the Alexa Skills Kit to Build Voice Driven Experiences + Open Hackathon(10 AM – 3 PM).
  • October 29 – Building Serverless Microservices with AWS Lambda (Noon – 4 PM).
  • October 29 – Startup Pitch Event and Halloween Party (6:30 PM – 9:30 PM).

Upcoming Events at the AWS Loft (New York)

  • September 24 – Intro to Using AWS and the Alexa Skills Kit to Build Voice Driven Experiences + Open Hackathon(10 AM – 3 PM).
  • September 24 – The Life of a Click: How Hearst Publishing Manages Clickstream Analytics with AWS (3 – 4 PM).
  • September 24 – How to Implement Top 10 AWS Security Best Practices – Day Workshop with (10 AM – 2 PM).
  • September 24 – How to Implement Top 10 AWS Security Best Practices – Evening Session with (6:30 PM – 8:30 PM).
  • September 28 – Onshape Users (6 PM – 8:30 PM).
  • October 1 – Behind the Scenes with LearnBop – Bulletproof Blue/Green Deployments – Myths, Pitfalls and Solutions (6:30 PM – 8 PM).

Help Wanted

  • This Week’s Cloud Computing Jobs (Cloud Academy).
  • AWS Careers.

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— Jeff;

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